The LREDA Fall Conference Team is excited to share some of our good news about the Fall Con! 

To honor the rebuilding of Houston after Hurricane Harvey and to embrace the rebuilding of Fall Con, our new theme is “Changing the Narrative.” Like Houston, we recognize that in order to rebuild, we need to tell our stories, learn from one other, and work together to transform ourselves.

Our format this year is based on learning together and from one another. Thank you to all of you who expressed your preferences in the evaluation of Fall Con 2017. In response, and in hopes of “Changing the Narrative,” choice is paramount. We are offering workshops in various tracks:

  • family ministry
  • faith formation
  • employment practices
  • social justice
  • self care
  • relationships/power

There will be a dedicated People of Color (POC) space throughout the entire conference. Information about its location will be in emails that arrive before the conference, at registration and via clear signage at the hotel. 

You can choose one session from each track, all sessions in just one track, or any combination that speaks to you. Totally your choice. One exception is if you wish to take the Youth Ministry Renaissance Module led by Jamaine Cripe and Sara Lewis. The Ren Mod will run at the same time as all of the workshops. Note that you must pre-register and space is limited. If you take the Ren Mod, you will still be able to fully participate in all worships, Friday morning opening, and all evening festivities.

“The New(er) Religious Educator” will take place on Saturday and will be led by UUA staff Pat Kahn and Nancy Combs Morgan. All are welcome. There is no requirement that you be brand new in your position!

To make sure we are pacing ourselves, there is an important self-care track called “With Blessings” that encourages you to find a quiet space, a friend, or even a Chaplain--whatever will meet your needs best during any of the sessions. You will likely need time to reflect on the stories and learnings and we encourage you to take self-care seriously and “with blessings.”

Julica Hermann de la Fuente will help us frame our conference on Thursday evening by leading us in “Crafting New Stories: Decentering Whiteness as Religious Educators.” She is also part of Friday evening presentation with Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore from the Commission on Institutional Change. Also on Friday night will be religious educators who are on the UUA Board of Trustees: Tim Atkins and Gregory Boyd. The Friday morning kickoff “Yes, No, Social Justice” experience with Rev. Kathleen McTigue (and religious educator friends) will help us set the tone for how to make decisions with these changing narratives.

Mark Vogel, Fall Con Music Director and Music Director at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, will partner with Fall Con Worship Chair Erica Shadowsong, Lifespan Religious Education Director at First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, to bring us songs and stories to help us “Change the Narrative.”

Pop Talks are back with a twist. These popular short talks on programs of interest to LREDA will be pre-recorded this year. There will also be exhibit tables, and Poster Sessions to highlight the great things happening in your congregations! We hope you will consider offering a poster session, exhibit table or Pop Talk. Join our administrator, Kari Kopnick on Wednesday August 29th 12ET for a short overview about how to create a video for a Pop Talk. Contact Kari to get connected. Bring items to sell in the bookstore: curricula, classroom resources, music, wearable art, notecards. Contact Ira AND Andrea Lerner  for more information.  

We hope you are planning to join us for an enriching five days together Changing the Narrative. 


Lily Rappaport, LREDA Board, Continental Events 
Linnea Nelson, LREDA Board, Vice President
Eleanor Van Duesen, FC18 Team
Linda Hill, FC18 Team
Katharine Childs, FC18 Team

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