The 2019-2020 LREDA Board of Trustees

The mission of the LREDA Board is to serve our membership. We:

  • SUPPORT the professional development of our membership;

  • ADVOCATE for professional religious educators in congregations and in alliance with our professional colleagues and the UUA; and

  • SUSTAIN our organization through responsible fiscal stewardship, and creative, visionary leadership.

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Linnea Nelson President (Job Description)

Linnea Nelson is the Executive Director of UU Wellspring, a year-long spiritual deepening program for Unitarian Universalists. She is a Credentialed Religious Educator and former Director of Religious Exploration at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax in Oakton, Virginia. She has also been a Head of School, a Learning Center Director, a teacher, an educational textbook editor and an international trainer for the Great Books Foundation.

Linnea believes that deepening our connections and being open to new learning is at the heart of our work. She also believes deeply in service. She co-led a NOVA Cluster Teacher Training offered to 11 congregations, served on a LREDA cluster executive team (GWAREC) from June 2015 to Dec. 2017,  taught the UU Identity online module and recently served on a team to update the resource list for the RE Credentialing program. 

She has co-taught “Building the World We Dream About” and was a founding member of the Racial Justice Steering Committee at UUCF. Linnea has also served on UUCF’s Board of Directors, nominating committee and RE Committee. She has served on two other boards for children with special needs.

Linnea has a master’s degree in school psychology and undergraduate degrees in education and business. She lives with her awesome husband, Ted, in Orlando, Florida where her two young adult sons promise to visit regularly!

Aisha HauserPresident Elect (Job Description)
president.elect (at) 

Aisha was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Her family moved to the United States when she was a toddler, and consequently, she didn’t learn English until right before kindergarten. Aisha started her professional career in the field of social work, but she soon became involved in the religious education program in the first Unitarian Universalist congregation she attended. There was born her love of religious education. Aisha is a Credentialed Religious Educator at the Associate Level. Prior to serving East Shore Unitarian Church in 2013, Aisha was Director of Religious Education in two east coast churches. In one congregation she also held the position of Urban Community Ministry Coordinator. This dual role afforded her the opportunity to combine justice work with religious education and to practice true “Faith in Action.” Aisha also served as Children and Families Program Director for the Unitarian Universalist Association. There she worked with the faith development team publishing the Tapestry of Faith curriculum. Aisha is active in the Liberal Religious Educators Association and an active member of the Unitarian Universalist community of ministers and religious educators of color.

Samaya Oakley
Vice-President (Job Description)

The Rev. Samaya Oakley serves as the Minister for the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation. After attending the North Shore Unitarian Church, she quickly became active continentally though the Youth Office of the UUA. Samaya became a trainer for the Leadership Development and Spirituality Development modules. She was also a facilitator and part of the Training of Trainers for the Advisor Trainings and Advanced Advisor Trainings. She also is a facilitator for all levels of the Our Whole Lives program, and a trainer for the Elementary and Youth trainings. She became a part of the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Reflection Guides – five age-appropriate reflection guides for use in Canadian UU congregations. The reflection guides are focused on how the Indian Residential School system, colonization, and systemic racism have impacted the Indigenous peoples of Canada. She has recently completed three years as President of the UU Ministers of Canada, a chapter of the UUMA and currently sits on the Eliot Institute Board of Trustees.

Juliet Donaldson
(Job Description)

In 1993 Juliet qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the United Kingdom, training with Price Waterhouse Coopers, and have taken on a variety of accounting roles in both the public and private sectors in the UK.

Thirteen years ago she relocated to the US with her husband and four children where she discovered Unitarian Universalism. Juliet enjoyed teaching RE so much she decided to switch careers five years ago and became the Director of Religious Exploration at UU Middleboro, a small church in Southeastern Massachusetts, before moving to the larger congregation of First Unitarian Church in Worcester as the Director of Faith Formation.

Christina Rivera
Secretary (Job Description)

Christina Rivera is a religious educator serving as Director of Administration and Finance at the Charlottesville Virginia UU congregation. Prior, she was Director of Religious Education, UU Waynesboro VA. Twice elected to the UUA Board of Trustees, she also served as Secretary of the Association. Most recently Chris co-founded the #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn and launched Called to Justice, a faith-based group focused on impactful Leadership Development for organizations committed to justice ministries. Chris has the support of her husband Chris and twin sons Andreas and Miguel who, along with the ancestors, form the foundation of her ministry calling.

At Large: Professional Support (Job Description)

* For Good Officer Training until June 2020, please contact Tracy Breneman at [email protected]

Eleanor VanDuesen
At Large: Continental Events (Job Description)

Eleanor VanDeusen is a Credentialed Religious Educator who serves as the Director of Family Ministry at the Foothills Unitarian Church in Fort Collins CO. She previously served LREDA as chair of the LREDA 21st Century Fund Committee and currently chairs LREDA’s Fall Conference Planning Team. Her background in the fine arts has influenced her passion for creative collaboration.

Kirsten Hunter
At Large: Leadership Development (Job Description)

Kirsten Hunter grew up in Setauket, NY on a historic farm, and is a lifelong UU who was very active in YRUU youth community as a teen and young adult. She spent the first ten years of her adulthood in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she earned a BA in linguistics and signed language interpreting, and a master’s degree in special education from The University of New Mexico.

She worked as an educator in the Albuquerque public school system for several years before moving back east to manage her family’s educational farm.  Her work on the farm deepened Kirsten’s appreciation for experiential education and the importance of long term relationships in teaching and learning.

After moving away from the farm in 2010, she sought to recreate the community she left by returning to a UU congregation where, with great delight, she fell into the position of DRE. Kirsten earned credentialed status in 2018 and is deeply committed to our Unitarian Universalist principles as a path toward collective liberation.

Kirsten is a divorced mom, lives in Portsmouth, NH with her teenage son, and welcomes frequent visits from her adult son who is in school in New York City. She needs to have her hands in the dirt as often as possible and enjoys walks, especially those she can share with her sweetheart, Eric, and her dog Holly.

Past Presidents of the LREDA Board 

2017-2019 Annie Scott
2014-2017 Cathy Seggel
2011-2014 Natalie Fenimore
2008-2011 Anne Bancroft
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