Welcome to Denver Colorado, Nov 3-6, 2017!


In today’s complex world, there is growing need for us to show up together, to show strength when answering the call of love. We will provide tools and strategy that will help us to better understand how we can cultivate practices for transforming conflict and restoring relationship.. How can we effectively build brave spaces that will allow us to show brave love and that will help us develop skills for shared empowerment and collaborative relationships?

Theme speakers, Gregory Rouillard and Jared Finklestein, will guide us in understanding personal power and systemic power power in human systems. We’ll explore the concept of universal human needs as a lens through which to relate to each other and will examine the arch of power within, power among and power between us in our lives and in our congregations.

This year we will feature a Get-In-Where-You-Fit-In Panel of some of Denver’s brave social activists who will be presenting ways to “be who you are and do what you love” and fight for justice in your own way. Among the panels will be locals who work hard behind the scenes to feed Black Lives Matter 5280 and other organizations; performers who use their voices for and with the movement to change hearts and minds; activists who are involved in Black interfaith healing self-liberations work and more.

Matt Meyer will be our conference musician and demonstrate ways to teach, model, practice tools for community organizing through music that can be used to build a more loving and powerful justice-centered community.

Early Bird Registration, LREDA Member, ends September 30 - $390.00
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Embassy Suites Denver Downtown

1420 Stout St, Denver CO 80202
INCLUDES FREE HOT BREAKFAST AND EVENING MANAGER'S RECEPTION for those staying at the Embassy Suites! Reserve Rooms HERE

Please stay in the conference hotel. We negotiate a block of reduced price rooms for our conference, and if we do not book them all we are subject to steep penalties. If you have trouble registering, contact our conference planner Bea Ann Phillips BEFORE booking elsewhere! Link to rooms here 

Transportation Information: here.
Super Shuttle $50-60. For traveling around the city Uber or Lyft. There is also a complimentary bus that travels up and down 16th street mall. The blue dotted line is 16th street mall.. the US is Union Station.. (See below)

SCHOLARSHIPS: Please do apply for a scholarship to attend LREDA Fall Conference! The awards will be decided by September 20th. You may either pay as you register and be refunded, or you may wait to pay if you hope to receive an award. Funds may be used for your registration fee, meals, transportation, to offset lost income from a second job, for childcare or any other issue you need offset to make your attendance at the conference possible. Information about applying will be available soon. Apply HERE.

Register for the UUA Multicultural Renaissance Module Nov 6-8 here. 

Andrea and Ira Lerner will manage our LREDA Fall Conference Bookstore. Come ready to shop for books/ UU items! If you are an artist or author and would like to sell items in the bookstore contact Andrea Lerner for more information. 

2017 LREDA Fall Conference DRAFT Schedule


Fri Nov 3
Good Officer Training 
New Religious Educator Training

DRAFT Fall Conference Schedule
Fri Nov 3 Evening
Welcome and Reception

Sat Nov 4

Sun Nov 5 

Mon Nov 6
Worship and Business Meeting
Closing/Conference Ends

Post Conference
Mon Nov 6
LREDA Small 
LREDA Large 
Renaissance Module (register HERE!)
CUURE will be meeting as a group offsite. Contact CUURE's chapter leader for information. 

Tue Nov 7
Rennaisance Module 

Wed Nov 8
Renaissance Module  

 Past LREDA Fall Conferences

Year Theme Speaker Odyssey  Site Chapter
2016 Bringing a Spiritual Dimension to Tough Topics: Money, Death, Race and Sex UUA FDO: Jessica York, Pat Kahn, Gail Forsyth-Vail, Melanie Davis Judith Frediani San Diego, CA PSW
2015 LREDA WithOut Walls: Technology, Theme-based Ministry, Full Week Faith   Ginger Luke Morristown, NJ MNY
2014 Professional Matters: Staff Relations, Finance, Continuing Education, Radical Hospitality, Pastoral Care, Self Care Various Susan Archer Decatur, GA SE
2013 Fahs Collaborative Mark Hicks and Fahs Fellows Carol Haag St. Paul, MN PS
2012 History, Shared Ministry Task Force   Pat Ellenwood Williamsburg, VA JP
2011 Don't Just Do It, Think About It: Sustaining Our Mind, Body, and Spirit Kim Stafford and Linda Christianson Gaia Brown Portland, OR PNW
2010 Transforming the Jericho Road Various, service opportunities in the community Rev. Ruth Ellen Gibson New Orleans, LA SW
2009 A Time to Exhale Rev. Dr. Peter Steinke and Rev. Dr. Thandeka with Kevin Tarsa Rev. Dr. Liz Strong Providence, RI CB
2008 Building a Multigenerational Faith Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker Pat Hoertdoerfer Albuquerque, NM MD
2007 Weaving the Fabric of our Faith Judithi Frediani and LFD Team Makannah Morriss San Antonio, TX SW
2006 To Honor the Many Gifts We Bring Bill Jones and the Integrity Team  Jacqui James Orlando, FL   FL
2005  Mapping Uncharted Territory: New Directions for Growing Congregations Larry Peers  Carol Ann Taylor Philadelphia, PA   JP
 2004  New Models for Religious Education in the 21st Century (Workshop Rotation Model, Way Cool Sunday School, Small Group Ministry, Spirit Play) Vivian Gussin Paley, Keynote. Workshop Leaders: Kathy Keith and September Gerety, Todd Strickland and Katherine Farmer, Gail Forsyth Vail and Helen Zidowecki, and Nita Penfold.  Midge Skwire Chicago, IL  CMW
 2003 Creating Rituals......Children and Community Sobonfu Some Helen Bishop Sacramento, CA PC
 2002  A Theology of Religious Education Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker Betty Jo Middleton Asheville, NC  TJ
 2001 Professional Matters Helen Bishop Jan Evans-Tiller  Toronto, ON  STL
2000 Nurturing Ourselves and Others Sharon Thornton Carol Edwards Santa Barbara, CA PSW
1999 LREDA's 50th Anniversary Jeanne Nieuwejaar, Frank Robertson, Holly Hollerroth, Elizabeth Anastos LREDA Plymouth, MA MB
1998 Our Whole Lives Pam Wilson, Roberta and Christopher Nelson, Judith Frediani, Jennifer Harrison, Sarah Gibb Roberta Nelson Salt Lake City, UT MD
1997 Congregations as Learning Organizations Larry Peers, Anthony Di Bella, Jeanellen Ryan  Norma Veridan San Antonio, TX SW