Dear Beloved Colleagues,

On behalf of LREDA, and in response to the article in the UU World magazine “After L, G and B”, I want to offer our love and support to our trans and non-binary colleagues. I hear your deep pain and rage. This article has caused great harm to you and nothing about that is acceptable. I am profoundly sorry that this has happened to you.

I want to lift up the call of our colleagues at Transgender Religious professional Unitarian Universalists Together (TRUUsT).

From the TRUUsT statement shared yesterday:

TRUUsT will not idly accept this sort of blatant erasure of trans voices in Unitarian Universalism. We refuse to be complicit in this behavior. We call on all cisgender UUs who are committed to being allies and accomplices to amplify trans UU voices, our hurt, and our rage. Be the prophetic voice for justice and inclusivity that we believe Unitarian Universalism can be. We ask that you:

1.    Read the article, if you haven’t already, and actively speak to the harm it does.

2.    Read and amplify trans UU voices speaking to why this article is so harmful, such as Alex Kapitan’s Facebook post and CB Beal’s Medium piece.

3.    Familiarize yourself with who trans UUs are and our experiences in Unitarian Universalism by reading TRUUsT’s recent report on the experiences of trans UUs.

4.    Join theTRUUST Call to Action, which includes both actions you can take in your communities and a link to donate to TRUUsT.

Our LREDA vision commits us to “challenge systems of oppression”. The LREDA Board will be studying TRUUsT's call for five key actions and conferring with LREDA's Justice and Equity Team in order to discern how LREDA can help our members be the prophetic voice TRUUsT has called for within their congregations, and collectively help move our faith forward.

Join me in donating to the fund for trans UUs healing and survival as we continue bending the arc toward justice.

In faith,

Annie Scott,

LREDA President

Liberal Religious Educators Association